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Kimberly Coleman :: Stylist and CEO

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Kimberly Coleman is a 2nd generation coiffeur, having honed her skills under the tutelage of her highly recognizable aunt; Lena Bryant of Lena’s Artistic Beauty College. Kimberly expresses her expertise in a philosophy that is best captured in the following quote: “We are not new to the art of hair and fashion; We are true to the art.”

Vibrant, colorful, creative, fun, edgy and unique best describe Kim’s love affair with styling clients hair and defining their fashion sense. With over 20 years of experience as a stylist, Kimberly is a rising star in the cosmetology and beauty industry.

Throughout her career Kimberly has serviced the likes of models and entertainers, including Supermodel Beverly Johnson and the late Bernie Mac.  But of course her most important client experiences are the countless Super moms who frequent the boardrooms, playgrounds, churches, art galleries, restaurants and other places where appreciation for hair, fashion and beauty are so important.

Kimberly has been featured in countless publications including the likes of “Salon Sense”, “Salon Profile”, Rolling Out, etc. She has served as a platform artist and educator for Vidal Sassoon and most recently the American Beauty Industry.

Kimberly takes pride in the work that she has done for commercials, fashion shows, magazine ads and simply adorable everyday looks. Without compromising the health of hair, she specializes in healthy hair care, roller sets, and cuts and color and most of all “The New You!”