11 WEST 26TH STREET   ::   CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60616   ::   312.949.9080


Kimberly Coleman, Owner and Stylist

The Kimberly Coleman Signature Styling Team begins with a common
philosophy of promoting “Healthy Tresses, Elegant Sets, Unique Accoutrements,
Perfect Pampering of Hands and Feet and Precision Cuts”
to set the trend
that gets you optimal attention and backstage to life’s open door.

Our “Signature Team” of stylist and service professionals takes pride in creating
exceptional experiences for print, television and multi media. However, we fully appreciate
and celebrate the diversity of our clientele which includes the likes of Internationally
Acclaimed Super Models, Entertainers as well as Super Mom’s and Warrior Dad’s.
Whatever title that defines your superstar status, we want you to know that we are
ready to deliver and exceed your expectations for style, glamour and beauty.

We have what you are looking for as fusion meets fashion to create:

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