The Signature Team

Kimberly Coleman :: CEO/STYLIST



Kimberly Coleman is a 2nd generation coiffeur, having honed her skills under the tutelage of her highly recognizable aunt; Lena Bryant of Lena’s Artistic Beauty College. Kimberly expresses her expertise in a philosophy that is best captured in the following quote: “We are not new to the art of hair and fashion; We are true to the art.”

Vibrant, colorful, creative, fun, edgy and unique best describe Kim’s love affair with styling clients hair and defining their fashion sense. With over 20 years of experience as a stylist, Kimberly is a rising star in the cosmetology and beauty industry.

Throughout her career Kimberly has serviced the likes of models and entertainers, including Supermodel Beverly Johnson and the late Bernie Mac.  But of course her most important client experiences are the countless Super moms who frequent the boardrooms, playgrounds, churches, art galleries, restaurants and other places where appreciation for hair, fashion and beauty are so important.

Kimberly has been featured in countless publications including the likes of “Salon Sense”, “Salon Profile”, Rolling Out, etc. She has served as a platform artist and educator for Vidal Sassoon and most recently the American Beauty Industry. 

Kimberly takes pride in the work that she has done for commercials, fashion shows, magazine ads and simply adorable everyday looks. Without compromising the health of hair, she specializes in healthy hair care, roller sets, and cuts and color and most of all “The New You!”

Charlene Latrice Guy :: Assistant
Charlene Guy is the assistant extraordinaire. She is best characterized by her calm, sweet spirit which places everyone at ease when in her presence. Charlene’s talents go well beyond personal grace. She supports Kimberly so clients get the best service possible. Charlene has been an assistant to Kimberly for the last three years and is truly recognized as one of the secrets of success within the Kimberly Coleman Salon family.

Telona Wilson :: Stylist




As a member of Motion Pictures Studio Mechanics Local Union and certified cosmetology instructor, Telona Wilson, has specialized in hair artistry for the past 22 years.  Lona as many of her clients affectionately call her leveraged her entrepreneurial spirit to own and operate her own salon for over eight years.  This experience is just one of many variables that truly helped define her craft and a genuine love for the “Art of Hair.”

Currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, Telona has shared her precious gift among many local celebrities as well as acquiring a national roster of Who’s Who in entertainment, Sports, politics etc.  This includes the likes of Megan Good, Jurnee Smollett, Garcelle Beauvais, Tichina Arnold, Kellita Smith, Britney Murphy, Lisa Ray McCoy, Marcia White and Merri Dee.  These are just a few examples of noteworthy personalities who have been graced with Telona’s magical creativeness and penchant for detail.

Over the years, Telona has become one of the country’s most sought after hairstylist for television, film, gala’s awards shows and just about every special event imaginable.  When asked what makes her talent so unique or special, she replies with humility:

“I take time out to create an experience from behind the chair so that the passion and hard work that goes into my craft is visually noticed and appreciated by everyone in front of the chair…. It is my job and responsibility to create this experience not just for the movie celebs, but for the homemakers or secretaries who may rush in during a lunch hour or before they go to work.   This experience is for and belongs to everyone who sits in my chair. To me, this is the epitome of what the craft is all about and is the only formula for longevity and success in this business.”

Nanette Madison-Rucker :: Stylist

Radiant and effervescent describes the persona of Nanette Rucker.  She always has a very welcoming attitude and this magnetism is a huge hit with clients. Nanette started styling hair as a teen. As she got older, she realized that she was really quite good. She originally wanted to pursue a career as a pharmacist, but soon realized that the hair industry was calling her name. Through work and study it took Nanette a year and a half to finish cosmetology school. 20+ years later, Nanette, or Nan as her clients affectionally call her is at the top of her game.

Shada Vula :: Esthetician


When Shadije Vula came to the U.S., it was a struggle to become employed but European Touch, a salon and day spa gave her a chance. “Shada” has 11 years in the skin care business and also owned a skin care company (Tilia Plus Cosmetics). Her goal is to keep skin healthy, and keep the skin protected. Shada says it’s in her personality to treat each individual separately and she is respected by everyone because she treats everyone like an important person. She gained recognition in TV/ Newspaper ads and also earned an “Excellent Student Award.” With 11 years in the business and Shada continues to strive for excellence. Since her profession is her passion she continues to become more and more educated so that her clients can enjoy the fruit of her spirit and her labor as a perfectionist.